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Green Gables’ Queen Ann architecture is just one of a few tangible examples of South Brevard’s history remaining and what we call “Melbourne’s Bridge to the Past”. Green Gables is the 127-year-old historic home of the Wells family, one of the generous benefactors who played a key role in the development of early Melbourne. Their vision and their generosity gifted the area with Wells Park and the first auditorium, the first library, establishing the first high school, and many more things in the community, all of which have been enjoyed by several generations.

We are still working to keep Green Gables from becoming a distant memory of the past or an archived post. She is still here, still standing, and is patiently waiting to be refurbished to her former glory. She is a living history museum and community outreach center.

Won’t you join us by visiting Green Gables and learning how together we can restore Green Gables and save history. Address: 1501 S. Harbor City Blvd., Melbourne, FL 32901

Please view our 35-minute documentary at with the title, “Forgotten Enchantress”.


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