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Sound Bath Experience “Surrender into the Summer” With Cindy Jo

Each season brings opportunities to access the energy of nature. Summertime energy helps us surrender to a greater power. When we settle, calm and let things become serene, we can watch the flowers grow and live life low BIOS for a moment and witness the energy nature and within our inner Self.

Join us for a Healing Sound Journey meditation design tween mercies in the landscapes of our consciousness, this carefully curated sound bath is an invitation to experience deep relaxation, releases stagnant energy and cultivate a heightened sense of well-being connecting us with our highest potential and to those things that bring contentment and joy and said the right home for the summer vibes. Yoga class just wear comfortable clothes bring a cushion or blanket or anything that can help you find comfort we have some bolsters available for your use, arrive early to get comfortable and set up. We will offer tea, love, community and connection for a great evening to welcome summer vibes.


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