We are Towers Group, Inc. – a multi-divisional company providing Property Management and Real Estate services in Historic Downtown Melbourne since 2014.

Our story, the story of Kevin and Cynthia Marrs, and Towers Management Group, started almost a quarter of a century ago…

In 1994, less than a year after being married, my wife and I quit our perspective jobs, and took the entrepreneurial risk to become self-employed.  We started Space Coast Property Management, our first division, on our Living Room floor!

Now, after 23 years, we have built a thriving business that we are beyond proud of – we could not have envisioned all those years ago that we would employ 24 team members, some of whom have been with us for over 15 years!

Starting a small business has its challenges and struggles, and we were no exception. However, when you work really hard and do everything possible to meet your goals, good things will happen – Towers Group and its three divisions serve over 110 communities across the State.  We added a Real Estate Brokerage division a few years ago, and we are excited to serve our clients in this capacity as well.

It’s been an incredible journey for us so far, and we could not be more thankful.

Our travels from living room floor to rented room; from office space to large warehouse, finally brought us to our perfect “home”. In the spring of 2014, we jumped at the opportunity to buy in Downtown Melbourne.  All we can say is WOW!  It was perfect timing, and the move has been nothing short of fantastic.  Our culture, vision and energy have been transformed! The Historic Downtown Melbourne area and its associated Melbourne Main Street have been a positive experience for both our business and our staff.

We enjoy the view of Campbell Park with its Vision of the Harbor Guardian sculpture daily.  Lunch, happy hour or dinner has never been better with an eclectic choice of culinary options and libations.  Ole Fire Grill, Iron Oak Post, Hell ‘n Blazes Brewing Co., Hurricane Creek, and the recent Crush XI , are all right outside our door. And the list just goes on and on. The shopping isn’t bad either!

Being in the Real Estate business gives us a unique perspective – communities, in general, have become (by design) spread out through the years.  Only recently do you see restaurants, bars and shops all in one area to enjoy.  Society, I think, has grown to realize, understand and appreciate the benefit and culture of Historic Districts, and what they can offer to a town or city.

Many thanks to the City of Melbourne, and the Downtown Melbourne Historic District for working tirelessly over the years to preserve this local history.  We personally appreciate and are proud to be a part of our local history!